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Gear up for your search...

As the creator of The Bigfoot Mapping Project I am always up for discovering new things and strive to provide resources for the Bigfoot research community. With that in mind, I will do my best to share good things when I discover them. In my own search for good gear at an affordable price I happily stumbled upon, a wonderful company run by really great folks. While filling my shopping cart, the thought occurred to me that this site could be a great resource for all Bigfooters to find the gear we need and to stay within our budget. After all, the less we spend on gear means the longer we can be out in the field!


I personally reached out to ask if I could share their company in a way that is a little bit more permanent than a post, so I spoke with Sam at Rerouted and she was gracious enough to allow me to create this page. She even created a discount code for us! If you need gear and want to explore and research in a sustainable, affordable way and are happy to be the first person to find Bigfoot in second-hand gear then use the code below for 15% off! Good luck in your search!

Use code: Bigfootmapping15

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Rerouted is an online marketplace and App built to make buying, selling, and donating second-hand outdoor gear easy, affordable, and sustainable. It is part of Rerouted's mission to make second-hand gear people's first choice. By decreasing the cost of outdoor gear we hope to lower the barrier to entry into the world of outdoor recreation so that anyone can create their outdoor adventure. The circulation of gear is not only better for the environment but your wallets. Help Rerouted make second-hand gear people's first choice. 

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