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What is required to become a member of the Bigfoot Mapping Project Partner Network?

There are 3 requirements to become a Bigfoot Mapping Project Partner Network member:

  1. The Organization requesting to become a member must have an established webpage and at least one verifiable social media profile i.e. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc. (This is to make sure that the organization is reputable, diligent and is making a positive contribution to the Bigfoot Research Community).

  2. The Founder or Managing Member of the applicant organization must submit or approve the request. 

  3. The Organization will agree to collect sightings reports using the below survey form (click link to view).










Why use the standard survey?

By embedding a link to the BMP standard survey in your web page and using it to collect data, sightings info from many different groups will be collected and stored in one global database. By uniting the Bigfoot Community's research efforts and  standardizing data we can universally advance the field of Bigfoot Research.

Benefits of becoming a Partner Organization

  • Receive a Verified Bigfoot Mapping Project Partner Badge to display on your web page and social media.

  • You get a continuously updated copy of ALL of the sightings collected by your organization. After all, this is your data and work, you should have a copy...just make sure you select your organization in the survey so the report is classified correctly.

  • Hotspot Analysis for your specific research area provided by The Bigfoot Mapping Project.​

Submit a Sighting (2).png

One of the biggest goals of the Bigfoot Mapping Project, besides learning more about Bigfoot, is becoming a useful resource for the entire Bigfoot Research Community. Every organization researching Bigfoot has a database full of reports and information, but all of that information is stored separately. Imagine if all of those reports were combined in one place, in a standardized format so that analysis could be performed on a global, master dataset. That's our aim here at the Bigfoot Mapping Project, we'd like to become the universal tool for organizations and researchers like you to document reports and evidence. Hence, the Bigfoot Mapping Project Partner Network...

BMP Partner Badge (1).png

Fill out the form below to start the process!

Thanks for submitting!

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