The Bigfoot Mapping Project

They're out there, let's find them.

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The Bigfoot Mapping Project aims to be a global, crowd-sourced utility for the Bigfoot Research Community. Our goal is to create a platform that is easy to access and use, and most importantly captures data in a standardized form. The more sightings we document and analyze the more we will understand about Bigfoot and how they live, if they migrate, when they reproduce,  population size, when they are active, etc.

Please submit your sightings! Share this site with Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers to expand our database and help this web app reach it's full potential. We are here to contribute to the community and we'd love to hear from you! Thanks again for visiting!

Check out our map Tutorial 

We haven't built just any map viewer for you guys, we added some cool features including a measuring tool, layer list, search bar, attribute table, and a bunch more. Watch the tutorial below to see what you can do when you dive into the map!

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