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I became interested in Bigfoot about two years after I heard something howling near my home in NW GA in 2011....At the time I had never heard of Bigfoot , I had heard of Sasquatch prior to that but wasn't interested in it ....I did not have any idea what made this howl but I knew that it was something huge due to the depth of volume and the length of this howl ...I knew that it was not an animal that I was familiar with and knew that a human could not have made this howl ...I just forgot about it as I could not figure it out ...About two years later I had started watching Finding Bigfoot and heard the Ohio howl on line ....THAT was the howl that I had heard , I recognized it immediately ...This howl started off for all the world like a Civil Defense siren , slowly reaching crescendo and then slowly coming back down , it seemed to vibrate the air around me this happened around 9 pm for several nights ....Before the howl began it was "dead silent " outside , not a sound!!! After the howl stopped , every dog and coyote in the neighborhood started barking wildly ...Sorry this is so long ...Glad to be here ...Hope to hear a lot of great Bigfoot stories especially in the NW GA area ....

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